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The Creator and years of when these developers were founded

Creators Founded
High Moon Studios 2005
Nintendo 1994
Sega 1960

High Moon Studios is an American Video Game Developer. They were founded in March of 2005. The President of High Moon Studios, John Rowe, is still managing the Studio. As of how the company is doing, they are still making games and are proserous.... They are also the creator of the game "Deadpool".

Nintendo Australia Pty. Ltd. Is the local head office for sales, the licensing, and the distribution of their video game products for Oceania. Nintendo also is the locak head office for any of their intellectual properties. Nintendo was founded in 1994, but it's history was dated back to 1889, and the founder was Fusajiro Yamauchi. Fusajiro was also a Japanese entrepreneur.

Sega Games Co., Ltd. Is a Japanese Multinational video game developer. They have multiple offices around the world. Sega was founded in June 3rd of 1960. Multiple people had founded Sega and they all were important to the creation of it. Irving Bromberg, Martin Bromely, David Rosen, and James Humpert, they were the founders of Sega Games.

These are just some games created by the creators I explained about:

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